If treatment is not carried out, then the patient's disease will progress, which will affect the mental ability, as well as the emotional and personal sphere.

Possible neuroendocrine pathologies. In women, there is polycystic ovaries, a decrease in fertility, a change in the menstrual cycle. In men, ejaculatory dysfunction is observed and libido decreases. Other complications of mesalamine online lobe epilepsy may include.

Prevention of the disease can be carried out in the form of timely detection of the disease, antecedent factors, adequate treatment and prevention of the development of neuroinfection. If a person does not have epileptic seizures, then he can work quietly, but not at high-altitude work, with moving objects or with fire.

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It is quite possible to return to normal life if a person uses medical recommendations and undergoes timely treatment.

This does not affect life expectancy.

Temporal epilepsy refers to a common form of the disease, in which the development of repeated seizures is due to the presence of epileptogenic activity in the temporal lobe of the brain. Epilepsy of the temporal lobe is manifested by epileptic seizures due to the presence of brain tumors, vascular diseases.

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The most common cause of the disease is a genetic inheritance. High risk factors for birth injuries, head bruises and herpes - a viral infection.

Symptoms of temporal lobe epilepsy.

Symptoms depend on the location of the epileptogenic focus in the temporofrontal lobe of the brain. There are three types of epileptic seizures.

Simple partial seizures, in which the patient experiences a feeling of deja vu, ceases to recognize objects and loved ones.

There are auditory, gustatory and bodily hallucinations. The patient experiences an unreasonable feeling of fear, euphoria or a panic attack. Complex partial seizures are characterized by changes in consciousness and behavior. Spontaneous movements of the limbs, mouth and strange speech are noted.